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08 August 2014

Model Elisa's letter to Ram Prasad Khanal

"Sapanimaa Kina aauchhau timi " Releasing Soon               First of all, thank Ram Prasad for suggesting singer Jyoti Magar play 'Blue Film'. Of course, this is not my subject, but when I read your statement, I couldn't help but feel like saying something. You probably know that any creature in this world has to recognize the time and change itself over time in order to keep itself alive. Otherwise, it will lose its existence and disappear from the world.
                  Nowadays, the demand of the audience is the same and they want the same and if his family has no objection, then what do you object to? If you don't like it, you can't watch it with your family, why don't you watch it? And Jyoti must have been born in the Lok Dohori area by being so loose already. Isn't it made by our own society?
                    I know very well that you are also a senior singer in the field of Lok Dohori and also an employee of Nepal Television. You are currently in the United States. Have you not been able to change yourself in the field of folklore over time? If not here's a new song just for you! Are you jealous of the progress of others? If you can, show yourself by making progress, otherwise don't look down on the progress of others.
                   Ram Prasad Khanal Even a person like you would like to say something just by seeing such a low level of thinking, otherwise don't think otherwise. In your time, your audience was of the same nature. Now, Jyoti's audience is of the same nature. We have no reason to comment. There are good and bad discussions about Jyoti Magar on various media and social networks. Jyoti Magar, a popular singer, was shown the kind of context that has arisen, but as far as I am concerned, why did he have to show it? This world is now in the 21st century. The Republic of Dema has come. Why can't we exercise our rights freely? Jyoti Magar has not walked naked. Is wearing light clothes a friend of light? Even the heroines of Nepali movies wear short dresses. If you want to talk like this, first of all, show the jogis walking naked on the road, otherwise don't tell others what you got.
                  Today, living in the United States, you have no right to order a Nepali girl to play in a blue film. Don't you feel ashamed of being a connoisseur of songs and music? Walk with your face covered. If you have the breath and are a connoisseur of folk songs, come to Nepal and go for songs and music. Everyone knows that Teej is the holy festival of Nepali women. You don't have to keep learning and remind. Earlier, women used to wear tens of thousands of sarees in Teej, but now 20,000 or 30,000 sarees are not enough. The song is a little different in music according to the times. Don't make hateful thoughts by living in an independent country like Ram Prasad Jew America.

Alyssa Singh
Currently South Korea