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      The movie 'Bato Muni ko Phool 2' is an entertaining presentation on the problems of society.
       In this connection, we had invited the producer, composer, hero Yas Kumar and heroine Ashishma Nakarmi for the interaction.  Just like the video report of some interesting and in-depth conversation with him

सुमन राई
Suman Rai, Born in Pancha, Bhojpur, Suman Rai, who has been active in the Nepali music industry for the past 17 years, has now established himself as a successful musician.  Rai, who has been interested in music since a young age, has been fully involved in this field since 2055 BS.  Rai, who has sung hundreds of songs, is currently busy composing songs.
        For the new singers and musicians who are coming, if you come to swim in Nepali music, please come only after learning well so that you don't have to drown in the middle of swimming in the sea of ​​music tomorrow.   Read More

मनी तम्लिङ् (लिम्बु )

Born in Sikkim, India, who has been active in Nepal's music industry for the past 12 years, Mani Tamling (Limbu), who prefers to call himself Nepali, is currently running his own recording studio in Chapagaudobato, Lalitpur. Tamling, who likes to sing from school life, had to learn music only after releasing an album in 2003. He knew that interest alone would not do anything. Tamling advises to enter this field only with the best practice and some knowledge of music, otherwise, you will suffer later. Some interesting conversations with him
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