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Are you trying to connect to the Internet?

Similarly, in the case of Nepal, out of a total population of 2,81,20,740 (two hundred and eighty-one million twenty thousand seven hundred and forty), there are 34,11,948 (thirty-four million eleven thousand nine hundred) Internet users which is 12 out of the total population. 13% and only 0.12% of the world's users, but as of now (March 29, 2015), the number of Internet users has been growing by 9%.

         Are you trying to connect to the Internet in Nepal? Are you confused as to what type of internet plan is cheap, good, and quality? So read it once.

          As of July 1, 2014, out of a total population of 7,24,37,84,124 (seven billion twenty-four million thirty-seven million eighty-four thousand one hundred and twenty-four) worldwide, 2,92,52,49,355 (two billion ninety-nine million seventy-nine thousand) Three hundred and fifty-five) Internet users which are 40.38% of the total population.

      Modernization is also one of the reasons for the growing number of Internet users today. Generally speaking, the Internet is a different world, some see it as news, some as entertainment, some as research. Each user has their own understanding.

             If you are thinking of connecting/using the internet then here are some common things. It is important to keep these in mind. Such as Internet Package, Internet Speed, Router. Cable etc. To date, many Internet service providers have opened in Nepal. Such as Nepal Telecom, Broad-Link, UTL, N-Cell (mobile only), World Link, etc.

Internet service providers in Nepal, their Internet services, and offers.

(Note: The details of the monthly fees and plans mentioned below areas of the time we were compiling them. Today, due to competition between the companies, the fees and plans may not be the same. Please click on the website of the company concerned. You will be able to get such offers.)

Unlimited Plan
CompanyServiceSpeedDetail OffersMonthly Cost


192Kbps, 384 KbpsMonthly Renewal
Rs 1017 , Rs 1695(With VAT)
[Registration : Rs 500]

World Link
Wi-Zoom, Cable-Zoom1Mbps,10 Mbps(128Kbps)10 Mbps (20GB) and revert to 128 KbpsLess cost when paid in advanceRs 1100


WiFi (Shared)
256, 384, 512 and 960 KbpsSharing up to 4 personsSummer Offer (Check Website)Rs 899 , Rs 1348, Rs 2700, Rs 6742
SubishuWiFi128 Kbps, 256 Kbps, 512 KbpsUnlimited for one monthThe new year offers (check website)Rs 800, Rs 1050, Rs 1725
ClassictechWiFi512Kbps--Rs 500


128 Kbps-एक महिन निशुल्क
one month free
Rs 500 + one time (Rs 848)
Web SurferWiFi384 Kbps, 256 Kbps, 192 Kbps--Rs  1500,Rs 1100, Rs 900  + one time (Rs 3000)
MercantileWiFi (Econet)192 Kbps, 384 Kbps, 768 Kbps--RS 1000, Rs 1700, Rs 3300
  VIAnetWiFi1 Mbps(90 GB) + 256 Kbps-Discount when paid in advance (more months)Rs 5500
 CWCWiFi192Kbps, 320KbpsDiffers from monthly to yearly-Rs 600, Rs 1000
ओं टेल
Space-Time Network (STN) Cable and Fiber1 Mbps for home users (sharing ratio 1:6), other packages availableMonthly, quarterly, semi-yearly and YearlyFree Installation Charge (all packages), Free router for yearly subscribersRs. 1050 monthly and Rs. 12600 yearly without VAT (13%)

Note: "-" is kept in a place where there is no information. Amounts excluding taxes. An unlimited plan is suitable for anyone who uses the internet 24 hours a day, otherwise, it can be expensive.

Note: “-“is used when information is not available. The entire price listed is excluding tax.
If you work on loads of data and wish to stay connected 24/7 then an unlimited plan would be a good option for you. Otherwise, an unlimited data plan would be expensive for users who use the internet occasionally.

 Volume Based Plan
 Provider Speed(Kbps)Volume(GB) Cost(N.Rs)Duration
1. NTC(ADSL)WiMAX 5121519803 months
3037626 months
1201144812 months
25656501 month
3016503 months
120112201 year
512(WiMax)88501 month
3618543 months
144127501 year
1024(WiMax)1213701 month
2. NCELL (Only Mobile Broadband-3G) >512 (offers available)16991 month
519991 month
1029991 month
3. World Link 10 * 1024 and 128 after volume finished2011001 month
Cable Zoom (Some part of Kathmandu valley)4018001 month
6031503 months
12052503 months
240120001 year
480186001 year
4. Vianet1024 and 256 after volume usage9055001 month
270160003 months
540313506 months
1080594001 year

 Night Surfing Plan
1Web Surfer(WiFi)5 pm to 10 am256-500 +installation (3000)
2. Mercantile(WiFi)6 pm to 9 am2566-month advance900

A night surfing plan is useful for companies or individuals who work at night. This plan is from 10 pm to 5 am.

  1. For ADSL: ADSL modem (router) ADSL modem(Router) (Wireless: about RS 2200-3000, Only Wired: about RS 1000-2000) Wi-Fi router needed if you want to share.
  2. CDMA modem about RS 1000-2000 (or more)
  3. Wlink devices are provided by the company with certain terms.
  4. The mobile USB adapter is needed to connect to the internet using NCELL. It can be purchased outside or even buy it from NCELL.
ISPs and their coverage
1NTC ADSLAlmost 75 districtCustomer care centerSundhara, KathmanduTel:. 197
WiMAXMajor cities of Nepal
2. NCELL 3G InternetMajor cities of Nepal and in Mount Everest base camp
3.World Link  Cable ZoomSome part of KathmanduJawalakhel, Lalitpur
Tel.: +977-1- 5523050
Wi Zoom
4.Broadlinkवाई फाई WiFiCentral development region, Western development region and some part of Eastern development regionInderni Heights ‚Sanepa(RingRoad)Lalitpur‚ NepalTel: +977 1 5553020 +977 1 5553021
5. Subishu WiFiSome area of KathmanduPhone.01- 4429616
6. Classic Tech  WiFiSome part of Kathmandu valley New Baneshwor-10, Baneshwor Plaza – 4th & 5th Floor, Kathmandu, Nepal.Tel: +977-1-4466607
7. UTL सि.डि.एम.ए
Many areas in the country, verify your location by looking at its webpagePutalisadakTel.: 01-2222222
8. MercantileWiFiSome part of Kathmandu valleyToll Free:16600155555
9.  VianetWiFiSome part of Kathmandu valleyJawalakhel Road, LalitpurTel: 977-1-5546410
10. CWC (Cherry World Communication Pvt Ltd.)

 WiFiSome part of Kathmandu valley Ltd.New Baneshwor, Sankhmul RoadKathmandu, NepalTel: +977-1-4785651
11. Otel

Co-axial (STN Network) and fiber cableMajor parts of Kathmandu Valley.(expansion in progress) Jawalakhel, Lalitpur
Prera Business Center
Tel: 01-5553703