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General Knowledge || Question and Answers || Season 1

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 General Knowledge || Question and Answers || Mero Kuraa Play Quiz and Win Season 1

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Question No.1  
Who is known as "Iron Lady"?
a. Begam Khalida Jiya           b. Benazir Bhutto
c. Margaret Thatcher            d. Florence Nightingale

Question No.2  
Which of the following is said to be the first avatar of Lord Vishnu form his Dashavtar?
a. Baraha                 b. Kurma
c. Matsya                  d. Narasimha

Question No.3  
Which lake is situated between Iran and Russia?
a. Caspian Lake               b. Baikal Lake
c. Satpara Lake            d. Superior Lake

Question No.4
Where would you be most likely to practice your "bumping", "Setting" and 'Spiking"?
a. In a library                   b. On a Volleyball Court
c. In a Courtroom            d. On an alien Spaceship

Question No.5
The Fittingly-named butterfly Polygonia interrogationis has markings on the underside of its wings that resemble what type of punctuation?
a. Exclamation Points       b. Question Marks   
c. Semicolons                   d. Quotation Marks

Question No.6
Which of these is a notable location in Norse Mythology, and NOT in Greek Mythology?
a. Mount Plympus        b. Elysian Fields
c. Tartarus                    d. Valhalla  

Question No.7
Showing tens or possibility, "am", "is", "are", "was","were","be","being",and"been" are among the words nicknamed what?
a. Cooperative nouns        b. Friendly adjectives
c. Helping Verbs               d. Supportive exclamations

Question No.8
A geologist would likely be LEAST helpful for answering questions about which of the following?
a. Granite boulders         b. Precious Stones
c. Igneous rocks            d. Fruity Pebbles 

Question No.9
In Chemistry class, you can enjoy all the primary colors just by observing sulfur, since it burns blue, is yellow when solid, and melts into what color liquid?
a. Orange                  b. Violet
c. Green                     d. Red  

Question No.10
When multiplied by its self, which number is queal to 12,345,678,987,654,321?
a. 1,111,111                  b. 111,111,111   
c. 11,111,111,111         d. 111,111,111,111

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Question No.1  
The first historical election after the declaration of democracy in 2007 BS was declared in 
a. 19th Magh 2014 BS         b. 7th Falgun 2014 BS
c. 25th Poush 2014 BS        d. 21st Mangsir 2014 BS

Question No.2  
Where is the half of the brain of Charks Babbage, the inventor of the programable Computer, Preserved?
a. The British Museum       b. Royal Museum Greenwich
c. Hunterian Museum        d. Victoria and Albert Museum

Question No.3  
Which of these U.S. Presidents appeared on the television series "Laugh-in"?
a. Lyndon Johnson         b. Jimmy Carter
c. Geraid Ford               d. Richard Nixon 

Question No.4
Who has the right to declare an insurgency period in Nepal?
a. Defense Minister     b. President  
c. Home Minister        d. Prime Minister

Question No.5
Under which tree did Gautam Buddha get enlightened?
a. Ashoka                        b. Neem
c. Bodhi Briksha             d. Peepal

Question No.6
"Mein Kampf" is the autobiography of :
a. Adolf Hitler                b. Oscar Wilde
c. Maxim Gorky            d. Winston Churchill

Question No.7
Who is the Supreme Commander in Chief of the Nepali Army?
a. President                    b. Defense Minister
c. Home Minister          d. Prime Minister

Question No.8
For which offense was Uruguayan Footballer Luis Suarez banned in 2014 AD?
a. Failing the dope test            b. Head-butting the opponent
c. Slapping the referee             d. Biting the opponent  

Question No.9
Which of the following cancer is only related to the man?
a. Breast                   b. Blood
c. Prostate               d. Throat

Question No.10
Which is the first web browser invented in 1990 AD?
a. Internet Explorer          b. Mosaic
c. Mozilla                         d. Nexus  

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Question No.1  
Which Youngest Nobel Prize winner was shot by Talibani Gunmen for her action and speech for the girl's right to education?
a.Frances Arnold                                b. Nadia Murad
c. Malala Yousafzai                           d. Tawakkol Karman

Question No.2.  
National Vigilance Center is Under :
a. Prime Minister                     b. Home Minister
c. Chief Justice                          d.Chief of CIAA

Question No.3.  
Who wrote the lyrics of the Song "Phool ko Aankha ma Phoolai Sansar"?
a. Dinesh Adhikari                        b. Durga lal Shrestha  
c. Krishna Hari Baral                    d. Ramesh Kshitij

Question No.4.  
What is the Full form of CNN?
a. Cable Network and News                      b. Current News Network
c. Cable News Network                             d. Common News for News

Question No.5.  
An illiterate person is also commonly called which of the following
a. Auntha Chhap                 b. Ghusghuse
c. Khanchuwa                     d. Kumbhakarna

Question No.6.  
Which is the Shortest Month in a Leap Year?
a. April                    b. January
c. February             d. September

Question No.7.  
Who is the first captain to win all the ICC Trophies: World T20, World Cup, and Champions Trophy?
a. Graeme Smith                        b. Kumar Sangakara
c. Ricky Ponting                        d. Mahendra Singh Dhoni            

Question No.8.  
Which of the Following districts does not lie in the Bagmati Zone?
a. Kavrepalanchowk                   b. Ramechhap
c. Lalitpur                                  d. Sindhupalchowk

Question No.9.  
The Temple of Pashupatinath is built-in which of the following Style?
a. Pagoda Style                               b.Greek Style
c. Shikhar Style                               d. Stupa Style

Question No.10.  
Which article of SAARC charter explains about SAARC secretariat?
a. Article 2                      b. Article 4
c. Article 6                     d. Article 8   

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Question No.1.  
International Literacy Day?
a. August 8                   b. September 8 
c. October 8                 d. December 8

Question No.2
When the Radio Nepal (Nepali: रेडियो नेपाल) is the state-owned Radio broadcasting organization of Nepal was established?
a. 2nd April 1951       b. 5th June 1952
c. 2nd June 1951        d. None Of the Above

Question No.3
Who discovered Penicillin?
a. Alexandre Fleming     b. Alexander Fleming
c. Alexnader Fleming     d. Alixander Fleming

Question No.4
When the National Poet Madhav Prasad Ghimire dead?
a. 12th July 2019    b. 18th Feb 2020
c. 18th Aug 2020     d. 15th Sept 2019

Question No.5
When Charles Darwin died?
a. 12th July 1885      b. 18th Feb 1884
c. 18th Aug 1883       d. 19th April 1882

Question No.6
Which is the Lowest Valley in the World?
a. Dang Valley       b. Kathmandu Valley
c. Arun Valley       d. Chitwan Valley

Question No.7
How Many Year Kirat Dynasty Ruled in Nepal
a. 1220 Years        b. 825 Years
c. 1340 Years        d. 1225 Years

Question No.8
ATM Full Form
a. Any time money                    b. Automated teller machine
c. Automatic teller machine      d. Automation teller machine

Question No.9
When did the practice of Kamaiya end? कमैया प्रथाको अन्त्य कहिले भयो?
a. 2055 BS       b. 2056 BS
c. 2057 BS       d. 2058 BS

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Question No.1.  
Nepal's Longest Highway?
a. Araniko Highway                       b. Mahendra  Highway
c. Pasang Lamhu Highway            d. BP Highway

Question No.2. 
Average Depth of Begnas Taal?
a. 3.6M               b.4.6M
c. 5.6M               d. 6.6M

Question No.3. 
Founder of PubG?
a. Tom Salta                          b. Brendan Greene
c. Branden Griene                d. MrBeast

Question No.4. 
First Hydro Power Project of Nepal?
a. Pharping Hydro Project            b. Marshyandi Hydro Project
c. Trishuli Hydro Project               d. Sanjen Hydro Project

Question No.5. 
Area of Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve?
a. 17500 Hectare           b. 16500 Hectare
c. 15500 Hectare           d. 14500 Hectare

Question No.6. 
First Malla King of Nepal? 
a. Ari Malla                                 b. Pratap Malla
c. Sidhinar Shing Malla              d. Yog Narendra Malla

Question No.7. 
Last Kirat King of Nepal?
a. Yalamber                   b. Palamba
c. Pawa                          d. Gasti
Question No.8. 
The bird only found in Nepal?
a. Maina                      b. Sparrow
c. Spiny Babbler         d. Monal

Question No.9. 
When the Nepal Electricity Authority was established?
a. 13th August 1985              b. 18th July 1986
c. 21st November 1984         d. 16th August 1985

Question No.10. 
Small Provinces of Nepal?
a. Provinces 6                             b. Provinces 7
c. Provinces 8                             d. Provinces 9


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