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Military man Getting in modeling

Military man Getting in modeling
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 Mani Chamling Rai, who is now stepping into the world of modeling, has a humble and friendly disposition. Although he is a soldier by profession, Chamling, who has dreamed of becoming a hero since childhood, is interested in modeling, reading literature, listening to music, and moving to new places. He is involved in modeling with his family, friends, and encouragement.
                Born in 2044 BS, Chamling is now living in Dharan with his family, but his ancestral home is in Khotang. Chamling, who has struggled and worked hard, is now busy with music videos. Under the direction of Loken Samba, Rajesh Payal Rai seems to have started with the first music video for the song "Mayalu Bola". The music video is coming soon. Due to Chamling's good looking, and hard work, he has acted in 15 music videos so far and is currently working on two new music videos, in which he will appear with Priyanka Karki. In which singer Sila Bik and singer Rima Gurung have given voice in different songs. She says that it has been 2 years since she started modeling.