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  • In 2014, 2.9 billion people in the world are the accessibility of the Internet. 40.38%       of the total population of the world. 

  • The world average is 2.6 Mbps speed Internet.

  • Many Internet users in the world are in the biggest continent of Asia.

  • The lowest figure for Internet users in the world is in Australia and Oceania.

  • South Korea has the fastest speed internet and the other in Japan with 10. 9 Mbps speed.

  • Internet speed is high, at South Korea, Japan, Hongkong, Netherlands, Latvia, Ireland, Czech Republic, Belgium, and Finland are outstanding 10 countries. The US is in 12th position with 6.7 Mbps speed Internet is.

  • The most inexpensive and fast speed internet Hongkong is a city, where 500 Mbps speed Internet is available at 37.34 dollars.

  • India, the world's second large population of countries, where the Internet speed is too slow. The average Internet speed is 1 Mbps.

  • Nepal Telecom Authority until the end of 2013 based on the data of Internet users doors 28.63. This also includes mobile phone users with GPRS. Removing it and other Internet service broadband 6 to 7 percent of the data if you look at the accessibility of the Internet, it seems that man. It has the very back of the world figure.

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