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10 July 2015

Nepal Metropolitan Police Released An APP

Kathmandu Metropolitan Police has released an app called "Hamro Police". We can download Google Play directly from your smartphone. As per the details given in Google Play, this app is currently only useful for Valley. The incident can be reported to the metropolitan police directly from the smartphone with the app, via the internet or directly via SMS via the internet. There are separate features in this app, when registering in this app it uses GPS GPS and location determined by WiFi or mobile network system to find your place of residence and from that app helps to find the nearest police station. There are currently 6 types of topics to choose from in the app. Such as 

1. Report an incident: 
From which you can immediately report the incident with the title of the incident, details of the incident, date of the incident, the scene of the incident, and photo of the incident. 

2. Complaints: 
This will allow you to immediately file a complaint with the title of the complaint, details of the complaint, date of the complaint, location, and photos related to the complaint. 

3. Report SMS: 
In case you do not have the internet, you can report the incident immediately. 

4. Police near you: 
This will allow you to locate the nearest police station, temporary police bit. 

5. Thanks to the police: 
If you are satisfied with the work of the police or have done a satisfactory job, you can also thank the police. 

6. Police Information / Public Warning: 
In it, you can see the police information / public warning issued by the police officer for the public interest. 

"Be a conscious and responsible citizen" for the public interest