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Manipal Rai's first anthology 'Bedana' is public

Merokuraa online 2072 Bhadra 22
             The music video album titled 'Vedana', the first anthology of multi-talented singer, musician and lyricist Manipal Rai, has been made public. Manipal Rai, Rajesh Payal Rai, Dikpal Rai, Rajina Rimal and Sunita Pant have given voices in the music video album "Vedana" which has been released by Shubhakamana Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd. based in Putalisadak. An album consisting of 7 songs composed by Swayam Manipal Rai and composer Suman Rai.
                With the release of seven songs from the album, Hami Nepali, Oi Maiya, Mero Maya and Zindagi, the lyrics are by Manipal Rai, while the other two are by Dikpal Rai. In this album, there is an attempt to play musical skills like reunion, divorce, love story. 

Music videos included in the "Bedana" album:
      Title                        Lyrics                     Music                   Voice                        PRBT
1. Timro Yaadma       Dikpal Rai                 Manipal Rai         Manipal Rai            60542351
2. Chhutai Saatha       Manipal Rai              Suman Rai           Rajesh Payal Rai     60542352
3. Hami Nepali           Manipal Rai              Manipal Rai         Manipal Rai            60542353
4. Oi Maiya                 Manipal Rai              Manipal Rai         Dikpal Rai              60542354
5. Mero Maya              Manipal Rai             Suman Rai             Rajina Rimal         60542355
6. Jindagimaa               Manipal Rai             Suman Rai            Dikpal Rai             60542356
7. Dukhi Rahanchha     Dikpal Rai               Suman Rai            Sunita Pant            60542357
७ . दुखिरहन्छ                   दिक्पाल राई            सुमन  राई              सुनिता पन्त             60542357