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Meri Song Out in Market

Meri Song Out in Market
Merokuraa online 2072 Ashwin 25 

Hark Bir Khamdak's, Limbu language music album titled Mering So is going to be released on the occasion of this decade. Born in West Sikkim, Khamdak is currently serving in the Sikkim Armed Police. Khamdak, who has been interested in song music since a young age, came to Kathmandu to record songs because of his desire. All the songs are being recorded at the Opera Digital Studio in Chapagaudovato, Lalitpur. 

The recording has reached the final stage and Khamdak says. Hark Bir Khamdak and Sita Singak have given voice to the songs of Mering So album which is about to be released by Opera Digital Studio. There are words of Hark Bir Khamdak, Norman Tamling, Shanti Kala Limbu, Rita Lingden, Yadung Serma, Man Kumar Limbu, Manhang Limbu and Sagar Kerung. Moni Tamling, Hark Bir Khamdak, Man Kumar Limbu, Rita Lingden, Norman Tamling, Shanti Kala Limbu and Kulba Subba have composed the songs for the album. 

 According to Khamdak, a music video will be prepared as soon as the album is made public. All the songs have been arranged by Moni Tamling, the director of Opera Digital Studio.

Songs featured on the "Mering So" music album:

1 Shree Janga Maange
    Singer: Harka Bir Khamdak & Sita Singak
    Lyrics: Rita Lingden, Harkabir Khamdak
     Music : Rita Lingdn, Harka Bir Khamdak

3.Kereke  Khosung
    Singer : Sita Singak
    Lyrics : Man Kumar Limbu
    Music : Man Kumar Limbu                                                                                       

५. निङवा सीगाङ
     गायक:  हर्क बिर खाम्दक
     शब्द: मनहाङ लिम्बु
     संगीत : हर्क बिर खाम्दक
७. लाखीरु तिनदिरु 
     गायक:  हर्क बिर खाम्दक
     शब्द: यादुंग सेर्मा
     संगीत: मोनी तम्लिङ
2. Kelerang Aang Kewe
    Singer : Harka Bir Khamdak                                       Lyrics : Man Kumar Limbu
     Music : Man Kumar Limbu

4. Ningyai Tungle                                                        Singer : Harka Bir Kamdak & Sita Singak     
     Lyrics : Narman Tamling
      Music : Narmaan Tamling, Shanti Kala Limbu
६. सिसागेन (पालाम) 
    गायक :  हर्क बिर खाम्दक र सिता सिंगक
     शब्द:सागर केरुङ
     संगीत: कुलबा सुब्बा