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Shree Rai's "I Love You" Out Now

Merokuraa Online 2072 Magh 18 
             The music video of the song 'I Love You' with lyrics by Shanta Rai and music by Manoj Sangson has been made public. The song made public by Music Nepal is adorned with the voice of the singer Shree Rai while the song of the music video is Shubhakamana Music Pvt. Ltd. was recorded. The music video tries to present the love story of two lovers. Nirmal Century and model Sandhya Maharjan have acted in this thrilling music video. The video was shot by Utsab Dahal under the direction of Rajesh Pooma Rai. This music video has been edited by Deepak Vist. The music video of the song is excellent, says director Rajesh Pooma Rai.