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Mistakes May Cause, Mobile's Battery Damage

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Small mistakes are causing such problems, the battery may be lost in a short time.

If you are a smartphone user, you may be bothered by the problem of battery failure. This is the biggest problem for most smartphone users. But, it is not known that small mistakes are causing such problems. Finally, the battery may be lost in a short time. some of these formulas to save battery:

  1. Some users start charging again as soon as the battery is a little percent lower. They do this again and again. Doing so will damage the battery and shorten life.
  2. Many users leave their phones charging overnight? This causes the battery to deteriorate the fastest. By doing this, the power goes to the battery continuously and life is reduced.
  3. Some users turn the phone into a vibration mode to keep it in silence. The battery of a phone that is constantly vibrated will be discharged quickly. This is one of the main reasons why the battery life is short.

  4. When the Global Positioning System (GPS) is constantly turned on, the battery gets very hot. The battery gets discharged when you are constantly online. These factors can adversely affect the battery.
  5. Nowadays many kinds of smartphones have their own Charging Patten so before charging your phone with any random charger look for the charger Output (Eg: 9.0v=1.67A or 5.0v=2.0A) Unusual voltage or Amper may harm your battery.
  6. Never Use a Mobile while charging, it will give more load on the mobile battery, it may damage your battery faster.
  7. In markets there are many kinds of Battery Replacement in case of damage, so choose a Genuine battery to be replaced which will give better performance
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