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Suman's "Adhurai Rahyo" shooting completed

Merokuraa Online 2072 Falgun 10 
        The filming of the song video of the song "Adhurai Rahyo Mera Sapnaka Raharharu" with lyrics by composer Tirtha Chamling Rai and music by Suman Rai has been completed. the voice of the new singer Suman Magar. The video was directed by Parwan Rai and filmed by GB Lama. The video is being edited after filming. The video stars Anish Magar and Rohani Lama. Director Parvan Rai says that the video, which was made by combining the unfinished love story of two lovers, has become very standard due to the excellent acting of Anish Magar and Rohani Lama.

 New singer Suman Magar, who was watching the entire filming activity, says, "The video is as remarkable as I thought it would be. The story that I thought while recording the same story that Parwan  shot on camera." Similarly, senior musician Suman Rai, who is watching the filming activities, has also responded that Parvan has worked with a very meaningful concept.
The video of the song, which is said to be released to the public in the first week of Chaitra, All of the video sequences has been shot at Saligram Hotel in Jaulakhel and Ghyampe Dada in Bhaktapur.