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Video of Adhurai Rahe Released Now

Adhurai Rahe
Since the recording, the online magazine has been transmitting the news, and the song of the new singer Suman Magar's song "Adhurai Rahyo Mera Sapnaka Raharu" has been finally made public on YouTube along with the music video. Composer Tirtha Chamling Rai's words, Suman Rai's music, this video has been made public by Music Nepal Company. The video was directed by Parwan Rai. Model Anish Magar and Rohani Lama have acted in this music video which has been shot by GB Lama. This music video has been edited by Anil Maharjan. The music video has been made at Saligram Hotel in Jaulakhel and Ghyampe Dada in Bhaktapur. The music video made by combining the tragic love story of two lovers has become very standard.