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Prem Geet winner Sagar Sansar Rai


Mero Kuraa Online 2017  | The competition was organized before the release of the film Prem Geet with the cover of  "Ma Yesto Geet Gauchhu" for the search for talent and talent while carrying the responsibility of the society through the second production of the Assusin,  Singer Sagar Sansar Rai, who is making his place in the Nepali music market, has won.

In a formal function held at Indrayani Party Palace in Baneshwor, the heart of Kathmandu, Sagar Sansar Rai became the first to surpass the top 15 contestants. The last 5 re-sang the top song of the film. From which Sagar Sansar Rai has been chosen as the winner. Along with the title, he won Rs 1 lakh in cash and also got a chance to sing backing vocals in another new film to be produced by Asusain Films.

The competition was announced by Asusen Films in November. After the announcement, notable contestants from home and abroad participated in the competition. As of January 26, 559 contestants had provided their videos to Asusen Films. All the videos were made public at once through Asusen Film's YouTube channel on January 30. As YouTube's views were voted for the top 10, the contestants were given time to increase their views by sharing the YouTube link of their videos on all social networks including Facebook and Twitter. Ten contestants were in the top ten based on the views as of February 10. Similarly, 5 contestants who had excellent art but could not increase their views were made participants in the top 15 through Wildcard.

Prem Geet Contestant

Although there was a program to select the winner from the top 15 contestants in March, it was delayed due to technical reasons. However, on the occasion of the 51st day of the second production of the Asusen film Prem Geet on Chaitra 7, 2072 BS, a formal program was held, and the winner was decided. The film's composer Arjun Pokhrel, singer Anju Pant, writer Ram Sharan Pathak, director Sudarshan Thapa, and producer Santosh Sen were on the jury.