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Aau Mayako Kura Garaun Out Now

Aao Maya Ko Kura
             The song, which is especially targeted at young audiences, has been made public on YouTube, along with the music video for the song "Aao Maya Ko Kura Garo" sung by singer Mabindra Rai and singer Jasodha Subba. The song features singer Mabindra Rai's words and music. The video was shot and directed by Sanjit Shrestha. Dinesh Gurung and Subexa Rajak have acted in the music video. This music video has been edited by Brijesh Shrestha.

                Singer Jasodha Subba, who has earned fame from dozens of songs including Dharan Sunsari, says that this time I have tried to sing a very different style of song, I hope the audience will like it.