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31 July 2020

Hinwa Wine | Nepali Organic Wine - Made in Nepal

Hinwa Wine | Nepali Organic Wine - Made in Nepal
Merokuraa Online July 2020


            Nestled in the lap of the Himalayas at an altitude of 2500 meters lies Hinwa small winery. With the vision of crafting a very Nepali wine, It has been experimenting and trying out various blends from its indigenous berries. Hinwa is formed by Makalu wine industries during a place referred to as Sankhuwasabha. Wild Himalayan Raspberry locally known as Aiselu makes the base for its white wines and the Barberries locally known as Chutro forms the base for Hinwa's red wines.


            Handpicked wild berries indigenous to hills of Nepal are fermented processed and bottled at this winery. Since 1994, definitely one of the oldest wineries in Nepal, it has been producing the signature blend for more than two decades.


            Its experience goes down three generations from their Grandfather Satya Lal Ranjitkar, pioneer horticulture, and a self-winemaker.


            Winemaking is an art. The third generation of winemakers from Hinwa is passionate about producing a perfect blend of Nepalese organic wine with the unique taste of Raspberry and barberries. This process starts with harvesting the berries from the jungle. Freelancers of the local community are involved in the harvesting process.

            They enter inside the core of the jungle and collect the organic berries and deliver them to the Hinwa
production unit. Selection and refinement are done to ensure the quality of the ingredients. Only the best quality and fresh berries are selected for further processing. The berries are then crushed and pressed. The third step is fermentation. The juice is fermented naturally. After fermentation, clarification begins, where solids are removed. Wine is then transferred to different vessels for further blending and refining. After the Filtering process, wine is prepared for bottling or future aging.


Hinwa exists to serve the local community and provide opportunities for them to earn their living. Hinwa has created a win-win situation between the local communities and the wine enthusiast. Raspberries and barberries are organic to the jungles of Nepal. People handpick those golden berries, sort them out, and then bring them to Hinwa to generate their income. Hinwa refines those berries and blends them to give it a perfect taste and flavor. Hinwa has an emotional attachment with the local people of Tute, Basantapur, and other nearby villages. A unique wine of Nepal, each bottle entwines the taste of wild berries, with the love of the individuals who collect them from the jungle for their livelihood.

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