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Actress Pooja Sharma lodged a complaint against Prakash Subedi

Pooja Sharma

Merokuraa online 10th Aug 2020
          Actress Puja Sharma, who has been embroiled in controversy for some time and has become a victim of trolls on social media, has lodged a complaint against journalist Prakash Subedi at the Nepal Film Artists Association. Puja, who reached the Artists Association with director Sudarshan Thapa, was very emotional while filing the complaint. Puja said it had been three months since I had endured the previous troll and then he called me for an interview, I denied him to come. 

 He has been dropping me off every week. After watching the last part, I felt very bad. His words made me very emotional, so I decided to fight now. Puja, who has lodged a complaint with the Artists' Association, will also lodge a complaint with the Nepal Film Journalists Association, AP1 Television, as well as the Press Council and the National Human Rights Commission, the Film Producers' Association, and the Film Development Board.

          Puja said that the audience would give any tag to the artists and thanked all the artist's co-workers and journalists who supported her during this time. Similarly, Puja said that the issue has to be resolved so that no artist will have to endure such harassment in the future even today.

        About 5 months ago, the actress Puja became a victim of social media trolls as she could not answer some of the political and geographical questions asked by the presenter Prakash Subedi in the program Rajatpat.