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13 August 2020

Churpi - Made in Nepal

Churpi - Made in Nepal

Mero Kuraa Online Aug 2020
            Churpi is a milk-based food eaten in Nepal. it's also called Durkha. Churpi is typically made within the mountain region of Nepal. Yak milk is typically preferred to form Churpi. Churpi has differing types. Some Churpi is soft, some hard but it's one among the favorite Nepali food. Churpi made in Ilam is one of the famous sorts of Churpi. Actually, Female Yak is named Nak in Nepali but Yak is employed in English for both the sexes. The misfortune, known locally as Churpi, is formed from milk collected from naks (female yaks), Cows, and Chauris (a cross between yaks and native hill cows). Hard Churpi provides enough nutrients and actually contains a better level of healthy facts in comparison to cow's cheese. it's efficient at removing plaque and tartar and keeping the gums strong.

How to Make Churpi Durkha ?
            Making of churpi has a unique process. A special sort of three-chambered wooden drum called Shoptu (local Language) is employed. This drum is formed from the bark of special tree Thuja. The drum is crammed with milk and cooked tight. The wooden lid used because the cork is named Dup. Traditional Utensils(common vessels and wooden spatulas are often used) Three chambered wooden drums called Shoptu Wooden lid. Strong wooden stirrer Kelu Bamboo sieve referred to as Chergang Piece of cotton.

            Yak Milk, Lime, Buttermilk, Lemon, or anything containing carboxylic acid.

Churpi - Made in Nepal
            Boil Milk add lime, crab apple fruit, Fitkiri(Alum), Mohi(buttermilk), or the other fruit's juice as carboxylic acid to the milk. Stir the milk with strong wooden stirrer kelu. Stir the Boiling milk continuously. because the milk start boiling a thick layer of butter starts to make within the milk. Extract the butter and it keep aside (it isn't wont to make durkha) while letting the milk boiling continuously. After 2to 3 hours of boiling the milk, white cheese starts forming. Separate this white cheese with the assistance of a huge bamboo sieve called Chergang and spread within the separate piece of cotton. Tie the material and press hard to empty excess water out.(few hours of draining makes the cheese hard) Cut the cheese into small pieces and dry under the sun or shade or oer a wood fire oven. When it get dried, the merchandise in Chhurpi or Durkha. this sort of Churpi becomes very hard and having low moisture content. These churpi are often stored for a variety of years. Churpi is nice to taste and chewy.Churpi is employed as local gum.

Types of Churpi
1. Hard Chhurpi
2. Soft Chhurpi
3. Chhur singba or Chhur mingba
4. Chhurpupu
5. Marchang

1. Hard Churpi
            Hard churpi or Durkha is ready out of yak milk. Generally, centrifugation separates the cream from milk. Fitkiri(Alum) or Mahi(buttermilk) is added as a carboxylic acid. After filtration, the curd is wrapped tightly with a cloth and cured at room temperature(15-20 degrees Celsius) for 2-3 dates struggling of heavy stones. The cheese is sliced and allowed to dry in shade or over a woods fire oven. this sort of Churpi becomes very hard and have low moisture content, is often stored for a variety of years.

2. Soft Churpi
            Soft churpi or durkha is formed out of cow milk. it's softer than yak Churpi. The preparation of sentimental churpi is the same because of the preparation of yak churpi. Soft churpi is a superb source of protein and substitute for vegetables within the mountains. As curry soft churpi prepared by cooking it in oil alongside onions, tomato and chilies, edible ferns locally called sauney ningro and kali ningro. Soft churpi soup is additionally consumed as a substitute for dhal. Soft churpi are often bought at every other local shop in Nepal. Locally, rural women are found selling soft churpi packing them within the leaves of fig planta and tied loosely by straw.

3.Chhur Singba or Chhur Mingba
            The freshly prepared churpi is understood as chhur singba or chhur minga. After fermentation of milk by adding the extract or crab apple fruits (thung). Key Lime. it's the paneer like product made up of Yak Milk.

4. Chhurpupu
            The churpi,as old as 4 to five years is named chhurpupu. The churpi sealed and stores in yak skin(mongnang) are often used even for 3-20yrs. Chhurpupu is dear. Culturally it's one among the family prestige having the oldest small quality. it's also wont to cure stomach pain. a little quantity (about 5-10gm) of chhurpupu is mixed with the beverage made from barley or ragi and given to the person suffering from stomach ache. In some places, didhes made from chhurpupu also can be found. Marchang is one of the favored dishes made up of chhurpupu and located within the Himalayan region.

5. Marchang
            Marchang may be a dish made up of chhurpupu. to form Marchang, Chhurpupu is fried in yak ghee to get rid of the unpleasant odor, Kongpu flour or ragi flour is added thereto and mixed properly.

Nepali Churpi Goes Global
            Nepali churpi is during a high demand within the global market nowadays. Traders now export Nepali Churpi to eleven different countries as a 'dog chew'. Churpi, which has its production unit in Ilam, has been seen its business expand. Secretary of NCCI Prakash Jha says,"It also helps to uplift the national revenue". He further adds, "It may be a perfect source of income for countries like Nepal". The product's largest consumer is that the US, whereas Canada is that the second Churpi. Israel is now the third-largest marketplace for the Churpi. "It will become a great source of income and it'll flash the positive check-in the economy 

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