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Reasons for high electricity tariffs

               How many times have we been stressed by rising electricity bills too much and this is also natural. In such a case, even if the culprit is found to know the solution to this problem, the electricity bill can be reduced.

                  There can be many reasons for the sudden increase in electricity bills. On the one hand, even if the electricity tariff is increased, the electricity bill may go up. So you have to see if the unit consumed once is the same or very different than before. If the unit has also increased, then there are festivals like Diwali in that month, whether the house has consumed more electricity due to a function, or whether the night has lengthened due to the onset of winter or the use of heaters has increased.

            If these are not the reasons, then it should be noted that there is no electricity leakage. For this, first of all, all the lights and appliances of the house should be turned off and the meter should be checked to see if it is rotating. If the meter is found to be rotating in this way, it should be shown to the electrician once or reported to the electricity authority.