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6 common cares that prevent hair loss

6 common cares that prevent hair loss

            Many people suffer from hair problems. Some people suffer from hair loss, and others worry about thinning hair. Everyone wants their hair to be long, thick, shiny, and healthy. However, few people know that hair causes various problems in the hair due to its own. Along with healthy food, good hair care is also required. To avoid making such mistakes to make your hair as good as you want it to be.

1. Hair should not be allowed to get dirty
            According to dermatologists, the hair should be washed as soon as the greasy substance comes out. When the scalp is kept clean, the hair does not fall out and the hair grows. Hair should be washed twice a week using a mild shampoo. Hair loss is also caused by using too much shampoo. Shampoos that contain sulfates and harmful chemicals should not be used.

2. Be careful when applying oil
                It is essential to apply oil to the hair. However, always applying oil on the hair closes the pores on the skin and oil comes out from the scalp. Therefore, the oil should be applied to the hair rather than the scalp.

3. Don't use chemical products
            Don't use a variety of chemical products to style your hair. This causes the problem of hair breakage. To make a hairstyle, you should wear a pack or a mask at home.

4. Don't use color
            Avoid dyeing and bleaching your hair. Doing this regularly makes the hair coarse and weak. Due to which the hair becomes thin.

5. Do not comb your wet hair
            Many hastily comb their wet hair. It causes excessive hair loss. So comb your wet hair with your fingers and comb it when your hair is dry.

6. Do not use a hairdryer
            Sometimes it is best to dry the hair in a hurry, but its use can cause roughness in the hair. So such machines should be used.