Relief for WeChat in the US after TikTok: Court stays order banning WeChat, denies it to argue for the threat to national security - Mero Kuraa


Relief for WeChat in the US after TikTok: Court stays order banning WeChat, denies it to argue for the threat to national security

Tiktok and Wechat

  • The UAS Commerce Department on Friday issued an order to remove WeChat from the downloading platforms

  • TikTok also tied up with two US companies, Trump said - now it has nothing to do with China

  •             China's messaging company WeChat has also received a reprieve for a few days in the US market. The US court has stayed the Trump government's order to remove them from the app downloading platform. On Friday, the Commerce Department issued an order to remove WeChat from the downloading platforms. This order was challenged in court by WeChat customers. 

                 Earlier on Sunday, TikTok also signed two US companies, after which it too was given a week's relief here. On Sunday, the department argued in the court that the WeChat app was a threat to national security. However, Judge Laurel Beeler refused to believe it. The judge wrote in the order - It is important to show interest in national security from the government. The government has stated in this case that China's activities are a threat to national security. However, there is little evidence that banning WeChat to all people in America is effective in preventing this threat.

    Tiktok partnered with American companies

            Chinese short video platform app TikTok announced two US companies to partner in its US business on Sunday. President Donald Trump said, "I have given my blessings to this deal." Now it (TitTok) will have nothing to do with China. Walmart and Oracle are involved in the deal. After this, a new company will be formed. This is a big deal for America. It is now 100% secure and its security has been part of the agreement. '

                Shortly after Trump's announcement on the deal, the US Commerce Department postponed the ban on Tiktok for a week. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross said, "Following President Trump's directive, the ban on the TikTok mobile app from September 20 has been withheld until September 27."

    The new name of the company will be TikTok Global Business

                Oracle and Walmart will invest in TikTok's US business with a 20 percent stake. Oracle and Walmart said on Saturday that American investors would own the new company. Walmart is currently planning to buy a 7.5 percent stake in TikTok.

                Company CEO Doug McMillan will be one of the company's five board members. TikTok's parent company ByteDance can purchase the remaining 80 percent of it. The new company will be headquartered in the US.

    Trump wishes Oracle and Walmart

                Trump said- I convey my best wishes to this agreement. China's cloud will no longer be used in this. US companies will use their own separate cloud. Along with this, other measures will also be adopted to strengthen security. I am glad that TikTok's proposal was resolved by Oracle and Walmart keeping in mind the concerns of the US administration. This will not even raise questions about the future of TikTok in America. However, the company must comply with US law and confidentiality provisions.

    The order was issued to sell American business to TikTok

                On 6 August, US President Donald Trump issued an executive order to sell his American business to TikTok's parent company ByteDance. It was said that if the company does not sell its business to an American company in 45 days, then it will be banned. This time was being completed on Sunday.

    Trump called TikTok a threat to national security

                    Trump had called TikTok a threat to national security, foreign policy, and the economy. He had said that TikTok automatically obtains user information. In the Department of Homeland Security, Transportation Security Administration, and Armed Forces, the use of TikTok has already been discontinued.

    Source : Dainik Bhaskar