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5 uses of salt

You know that regular use of the salt in the kitchen increases the taste of food. However, salt is also used in addition to other various purposes.

To remove the spot of cloth:  If the spot has placed on your cloth by wine or other materials than by keeping a bit of salt on the spot then, the spot will become blurred. Similarly, if you cloth get yellow-colored due to sweat than to disappear the spots washed that spot with a cup of warm water with a teaspoon of salt.

Bees bite: To take out bloom and bees bite,  by making saltwater paste and rub at a bitten place. let the paste dry. Salt's past will absorb the poison.

To maintain the taste coffee:  If the coffee amount is more or the amount of boiling coffee more than coffee taste will be a little strong, bitter, and unpleasant. Therefore, a pinch of salt into the coffee, taste coffee will be satiable. In addition, use salt water to clean the spot that appears by the coffee.

Eggs test: Salt is useful to know the egg either it is fresh or not. For this purpose, in the pot of cold water, mix two-three teaspoon of salt, consider the egg is fresh if it fully sinks if the egg didn't sink then consider either it is damaged or aged 

Maintain salad Fresh:  If you cut salad a little soon before eating salad eating food it seems as dry old. If the salad sprinkled with salt than it seems fresh much longer, and delicious also. 
Remove the smell of shoes: If you are sad with the smell of shoes, socks, Than a sprinkle little salt than smell disappear.