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Google Search Bar Tricks

Google Search Bar Tricks

News of work: Sometimes Google search does not get the right results, then these tips will come for your work, know here

While searching Google, you do not get the right result in search. But there is no need to get upset about this but with the help of some tips, you can solve this problem. Here we are going to tell you about such tips

We all use Google to learn about anything, but it is not so easy to find anything on this platform. Sometimes it takes a long time to search for anything on Google. Obviously, sometimes you must have wasted your time searching for something on Google. So in this way, today we will tell you some special ways, with the help of which you will be able to search more things on Google in less time. Let's know Google search bar tricks...

Use double inverted commas ("")

If you are searching on Google for a sentence, article, or statement of someone, but it is not found. So you can easily search for that line, article, or statement through double inverted comma (""). For example, you read an article some time ago, in which Kathmandu's Jam Line was written. Now if you want to search that article, then you can search in Google in the search box by typing jam in Kathmandu in double inverted comma (""). After this, Google will show you the same web page where this sentence is used.

Use a minus (-)

You can remove unnecessary web pages while searching on Google using the minus (-) sign. By doing this, you will get the results of the search that you want to achieve. For example, Dharan had been raining heavily in the last few months and if you want to get information related to it, then you search by typing Dharan -rain in Google's search box. After this, you will get the right results of Dharan's rain on Google.

Use an asterisk (*)

If you want to find something on Google, for you have to write the whole line in Google's search box. But the problem is that you don't remember one or two words of that line. There is no need to worry, you should replace the forgotten words with an asterisk (*) sign. After this, you will get the same line with the whole words. Let us tell you that the asterisk (*) sign is called a star in the common language.

Can use OR

If you want to see the results of more than one thing on Google, then you put an OR between the words while searching. After this Google will show you more than one result. But keep in mind that OR should be in uppercase. For example, if you want to get information about cricket and football games together, then you search by writing Cricket OR Football in the Google search box. By doing this you will get information about both games on one web page.

The correct information will be found using the VS

You can compare anything on Google using vs. Apart from this, you will also get information about the advantages and disadvantages associated with using vs.