Madan Bhandari Inner Terai Highway - Nepal - Mero Kuraa


Madan Bhandari Inner Terai Highway - Nepal

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            Madan Bhandari Inner Terai Highway (Nepali मदन भण्डारी भित्री मधेश राजमार्ग) is an ongoing road design in Nepal, which is allowed to be kilometers (750 mi) long from east to west. It starts at Shantinagar in the Jhapa District of the Province. 1 and runs through the Inner Terai (Chure-Bhawan) area. It ends at Rupal of Dadeldhura District of Sudurpashchim Province. It's an indispensable road to the East-west Mahendra Highway (NH-1). The trace will be located 25 to 30 km to the north of Mahendra Highway and 25 to 30 km south of the Pushpalal Highway. The 315-kilometer-long section of the trace from Dharan to Hetauda had formerly been awarded and construction workshops are ongoing.