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Top 5 Most Viewed YouTube Channels Worldwide

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Top 5 Most Viewed YouTube Channels Worldwide: Ranked by Video Views, YouTube has emerged as a viable source of income for many.

            As YouTube continues to set its presence in the global market, the graph of YouTube channels has experienced incredible growth in recent years. From individuals following creative activities to businesses utilizing the platform for promotional purposes, YouTube has become a hub for diverse content creators worldwide. With the potential for monetization, earning from YouTube has emerged as a viable source of income for many, although requiring dedication and perseverance.

            In this article, we highlight the top 5 YouTube channels in the global internet market, showcasing their influence and pertinent details. It's important to note that these channels are ranked based on their video views count, reflecting their popularity and impact on a global scale. However, it's worth noting that certain immensely popular channels may not be included if they are registered in another country.

Data Collected on 20th March 2024

1. T-Series (Music)

            T-Series stands as huge in the global YouTube circle, renowned for its vast collection of music videos, film trailers, and entertainment content. With a massive subscriber base and an extensive catalog of uploads, T-Series continues to dominate the platform with its captivating content.

Category Music
Subscriber Count 246M
Total Uploads 20,488
Total Video Views 249,518,962,054

2. Cocomelon - Nursery Rhymes (Education)

            Cocomelon - Nursery Rhymes enjoyments young viewers with its colorful animations and educational nursery rhymes. With billions of views and a dedicated following, Cocomelon has become a primary in children's digital entertainment worldwide.

Category Education
Subscriber Count 172M
Total Uploads 1,104
Total Video Views 179,237,990,522

3. SET India (Entertainment)

            SET India has established itself as a powerhouse in the kingdom of entertainment, offering a diverse collection of television shows, comedy sketches, and original series. With millions of subscribers and a amazing number of video views, SET India remains a force to be calculated with in the global YouTube landscape.

Category Entertainment
Subscriber Count 169M
Total Uploads 132,068
Total Video Views 160,257,229,985

4. Sony SAB (Entertainment)

            Sony SAB is celebrated for its lineup of comedy serials, sitcoms, and family-oriented entertainment content. Providing to a wide audience demographic, Sony SAB has stored a loyal following and significant viewership, setting its position as one of the top YouTube channels globally.

Category Entertainment
Subscriber Count 90.1M
Total Uploads 81,401
Total Video Views 111,658,716,661

5. ✿ Kids Diana Show (Entertainment)

            The Kids Diana Show attracts audiences with its engaging content geared towards children and families. From toy unboxing’s to imaginative playtime adventures, Kids Diana Show has total a sizable audience and garnered immense popularity in the global YouTube community.

Category Entertainment
Subscriber Count 120M
Total Uploads 1,172
Total Video Views 101,200,628,441
Source: SocialBlade

            It's important to recognize that the statistics provided above are based on data available at the time of collecting this material and are subject to variation. As the digital landscape evolves, the rankings and performance of YouTube channels may vary.

            As YouTube continues to change and shape the digital landscape, these top channels represent the diversity and creativity thriving within the global online content creation community. With their captivating content and widespread reach, these channels play a significant role in shaping the digital narrative of our time.