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Get angry, don't do these things

Anger makes a change in the body, which affect our activities. In such a situation, not only the actions themselves, others might harm. Although it is very difficult to control feelings in an angry situation. However, that is success man, who controls emotion conscience. So psychologists have suggested avoiding some activities while anger. They say results are potentially harmful.

Immediately don't eat
At the period of anger, the physical and mental is changed either due to excessive consumption of food or due to insufficient consumption of food. it affects our digestive system. So in the situation, one should not eat.

Do not debate 
In an angry situation, the human mind creates an imbalance. It decreases the ability to distinguish right from wrong. In this situation, there may be a risk of the illusion of being the wrong fact as of right or right fact as wrong, Similarly, the abused is equally to remain in use. Such debate can change after the condemnation. So in angry situations do involve in any debate.

Don't sleep Immediately 
When we get angry a negative feeling begins to take place. It is an increasingly negative impact on the body. So at the time of anger  such feelings continued while sleeping. Therefore, one must sleep only after temper control

Don't drive 
When anger comes up, we will change the outlook of the item around. Each item looked utterly negative. So while driving our anger grows even more. It increases the risk of accidents.

Do not repeat discuss
Don't repeat discussion at the Anger situation. On the one hand, it increases levels of anger. On the other hand, it is wrong even if it is correct that the concept will continue to evolve.