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The benefits of pepper

Many are reluctant to eat pepper because of its bitterness. However, few people know that pepper is medicine for different types of patients. Pepper is very useful for stomach, skin, and bone problems.
Stomach worms die: The cause of stomach pain is not only bad food but also stomach pain caused by insects. Insects in the stomach cause less appetite and rapid weight loss. Mix black pepper powder in honey and drink it to get rid of stomach worms and problems.

  • Relief from piles: Eating junk food with too much oil has led to an increase in the number of piles of patients. Even after a long struggle, the piles have not fully healed and many have become victims. If you mix black pepper, cumin, and sugar or sugarcane and eat it regularly in the morning and evening for three days, you will get a lot of relief from piles.
  • Toothache relief: The use of black pepper also relieves the problem of toothache. Brushing your teeth with equal amounts of pepper, cayenne, and camphor will get rid of the problem of gingivitis, tooth decay, and insect bites.
  • Healing of eye diseases: Heat chili powder in cow ghee and mix it with rice to cure eye diseases. If you drink the pepper sprinkled in the curd and apply it on the eyes at bedtime, even Ratandhos will be cured in a week or two.
  • Stops hiccups: Black pepper also cures the problem of hiccups (baduli). If you burn pepper and sniff its smoke, it will be fine in no time.
  • End of chronic cold: Drink 10-15 grains of black pepper and drink it regularly. It will cure a chronic cold in a week.
  • Getting rid of acidity: The problem of acidity is also controlled by the consumption of black pepper powder.
  • Healing Swollen Body: Massaging black pepper with burnt oil cures swollen body.

  •  Source: New Magazine