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Nine months of Pregnancy

During the nine months of pregnancy, a woman's body undergoes many changes. Changes from two weeks of gestation vary from month to month. These are the main changes that occur during the nine months of pregnancy

Pain in the uterus
Pain in a woman's uterus during pregnancy. As the baby moves around, pain is felt in the area below the abdomen and near the waist.

Fluid coming out of the breast
During the ninth month of pregnancy, a pus-like substance comes out of the breast. This is colostrum, the baby's first meal. It is a sign that such a substance is coming out of the breast, you should know that the pregnant woman is now getting ready to become a mother.

Vaginal enlargement and bleeding
Vaginal enlargement and vaginal discharge can occur during pregnancy. Hygiene is very important to avoid infection during menstruation. The pH level should be kept balanced. If there is bleeding, you should see a doctor immediately.

Pain in the lower back
Lower back pain can also be a regular occurrence in pregnant women. It hurts for 30 seconds and heals again. If the pain lasts for more than 30 seconds, you should see a doctor. This is a sign of delivery.

Child development
As the baby grows in the womb, a thin layer forms around its skin. Which protects the baby's skin in the womb.

The baby is breathing
When a pregnant woman is nearing the end of her life, she may feel that the baby is breathing in her womb.

The child's immune development
Towards the last day of pregnancy, the baby receives food from the navel. It boosts his immune system. It can fight against germs that can attack a child. It can come into the world with it. After birth, the mother's milk boosts her immune system.

The birth of a child
During the last nine months, a pregnant woman has had labor pains. This means that she is ready to give birth. With the birth of a child, happiness will spread on the mother's face.