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11 January 2016

The benefits of eating Sukhasana Posture (Paleti)

There are some practices in Nepali society that seem conservative. But it also has its own scientific significance. Due to the fascination with the modern lifestyle, some of them are giving up. One of them is the practice of eating food with fold leg on floor (Paleti).

Due to the development of urbanization and the influence of foreign culture, the practice of eating paleti has been declining. Eating at the dining table has become a small topic. Its impact is huge in urban areas. But according to health experts, it is more beneficial to eat palette than to sit at a table. According to him, we are using yogasana while sitting on the ground. This asana is called Sukhasana in Yoga. Sukhasana is a form of Padmasana. Yoga gurus say that sitting in Sukhasana is as beneficial as sitting in Padmasana.

  • While Eating with Sitting in this posture Our body keeps on eating before and after. So there is abdominal exercise. It also increases digestion.
  • Sitting in Sukhasana creates concentration in the mind. It has a positive effect on mental health. Helps to keep the heart healthy by balancing blood circulation. 
  • Sitting in this posture not only helps to get rid of mental stress but also strengthens the chest and legs. 
  • Sitting in this posture helps reduce obesity, indigestion, constipation, acidity, and other stomach problems.