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06 August 2015

Hair care in rainy

It is necessary to pay attention to taking care of hair in the rainy season. This season, many problems appear about hair. The problem appears hair loss, breakups, dandruff. The rainwater is harmful to hairs. In the season, this way focus on hair care

  • In rainy season hair should not grow longer. If Possible, keep short. It makes look different and easy to care for it. From time to time it is necessary trimming. Similarly, the hairstyle should be simple. Don't choose a different style.
  • At least once a week should head massage, by which hair get the right nutrition. In addition to the hair spa treatment is also good.
  • Hair should dry. Dry hair after taking a bath. Keeping hair wet/cold for a long time increases the risk of infection of various germs.
  • On rainy, some hair is very pale and begins breakdown. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly conditioning. It keeps the hair shine.