The Title song of "Katro" is sung by Sagar - Mero Kuraa


The Title song of "Katro" is sung by Sagar

        The recording of the title song of "Zindagi" in the Nepali story film "Katro" depicting the stories of ghosts and phantoms in the village and society has been completed in the voice of famous singer Sagar Sansar Rai. The top song of the film was recorded at the Voice International Recording Studio in Kamalpokhari. The film also features the voices of Sagar Sansar Rai and popular singer Anjana Gurung.

            Presented by Rajkumar Panthak and produced by Dhanendra Nembang, the film is directed by female director Laksh Gautam. The movie "Katro" starring Ajit Yonghang and Archana Gurung has been shot in various places in the eastern region of Nepal including Pachthar, Ilam and the capital Kathmandu. According to Rajkumar Panthak, the charity of the film will start in different places from the first week of next Chaitra, after which it will be screened all over the country simultaneously.