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Crying Sometime is Beneficial

Laughter and crying have common places in every person's life. Both of these are of great importance in health. Both have a positive effect on health. But, like laughter, crying is not taken positively by people. Crying also benefits health. So it is beneficial to cry from time to time. In particular, it benefits and brightens the eyes. The study was conducted by the Medical University of Ohio. Studies have shown that crying lightens the body and benefits physical and mental health. The benefits of crying are as follows

Increases eye power

When tears come, the pupil of the eye gets cold. It gives the eye proper flexibility and gives strength to the eye. It also increases the brightness of the eyes.

Removes germs

Tears contain a fluid called lysozyme. It removes 95% of the bacteria in the eyes in 5 to 10 minutes.

Exhales toxins

When people suffer, toxins are produced in the body. At that time man cries. Crying releases toxins through tears. That is why people feel light when they cry.

Thinking is good

When there is too much manganese in the body, problems like fatigue, anger and restlessness come. Crying lowers the level of manganese in the body. Because of which good thinking comes. And, people feel refreshed.

Stress is reduced

Crying is also a way to reduce stress. When there is stress, the body increases elements like endorphins, leucine-enkephalin, and prolactin. As crying reduces such elements, it helps to reduce stress.

Source: Agency cry