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03 March 2016

Suman Magar's "Adhurai Rahyo"

Merokuraa Online 2072 Falgun 19 
            It is said that a dream can come true if you make a wish and work hard. Suman Magar, a new singer who is entering the Nepali music field, was born in  Pancha-2, Bhojpur district., Who fled abroad for employment due to family problems, has recently come to Nepal, and recorded the song "Adhurai Rahyo".

            The song, which is being recorded, has lyrics by Tirtha Chamling and has been composed by senior composer Suman Rai and arranged by Amos Tamang. The song is being recorded at the Opel Recording Studio in Anamnagar. According to musician Suman Rai, the recording work is in the final stage.

            According to singer Suman Magar, a music video will be made after the recording of the song is completed. Which will be directed by director Parvan Rai. Including recording report video