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20 April 2016

I didn't sang in other's music - Ganesh Rasik - with video

MeroKuraa Online 2073 Baishake 8            
      The song "Bhuleko Chain Gau Ghar Ko Maya" is coming to the Nepali music market. The song, which has been recorded, has lyrics by Laxman Gurung and is composed of senior composer Paras Mukharung and arranged by Ashok Rai. The recording of this song is being done at Sewa Recording Studio in Anamnagar.                    \
            According to composer Paras Mukharung, the song is set for an upcoming song album. Legendary Singer Ganesh Rasik says: The whole aspect including the mood and composition of the song is very excellent. It is a great privilege to be able to sing about one's homeland. Although I often sing in my own music, this is hardly the first song I have sung in the music of Parsh Mukharung. According to Waha, the song has not been judged yet. In connection with the recording of this song, we asked Legendary Singer Ganesh Rasik something: full report with video: 

     भिडियो हेर्नुहोस 

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