Chhewang Lama and Baldeep Dong's "Together" album released - Photo Feature - Mero Kuraa


Chhewang Lama and Baldeep Dong's "Together" album released - Photo Feature

मेरो कुरा मनोरञ्जन समाचार, २०७३ वैशाख १ 
                New singer Chhewang Lama Ngesur and Baldeep Dong's song album titled "Together" has been released on the occasion of New Year 2073 BS. The song album was unveiled at a formal function at the office of Radio Mirmire in the presence of musician Manoj Sangsong, journalist RJ Kala Kirati, singer and composer Mani Tamling and both the singers.

                    Born in Laskota, Kavre, Kanpur-5, both the singers are currently undergoing Chhewang painting and Baldeep music training. Singer Baldeep Dong says that the song album is the first performance of both the singers. The songs of "Together" released by Opera Entertainment Pvt. Dong has composed the music himself. Of the 5 songs included in the album, 2 songs "Laun Mario Ni Ho" and "Mero Maya Timinai" are arranged by Mani Tamling and the remaining 3 songs are "Siriri Batas Chalyo", "Maathi Bara Timal" and  "AAO"  Suraj Mali has arranged the song. The songs included in the album have been recorded in Version Recording Studio and Opera Recording Studio.

Songs included in the Together Song album:
1. Siririri Batas Chalyo 
     Singer/Lyrics/Music: Baaldip Dong
     PRBT: 60545258
     CRBT: 77329811

3. A A O
     Singer/Music: Chhewang Lama
     Lyrics:  Baaldip Dong
    PRBT: 60545269
    CRBT: 77329813
5. Mero MayaTiminai 
     Singer/Lyrics/Music: Baal Dip Dong
     PRBT: 60545263
     CRBT : 77329815 
  2. MAthi Bara Timaalmaa
   Singer/Lyrics/Music : Cheewang Lama Nagsure       PRBT: 60545268
     CRBT: 77329812

4. Launa MAreyo ni hau                                             Singer/Lyrics/Music  : Baaldip Dong
     PRBT: 60545262
     CRBT: 77329814