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16 January 2017

Massive concert in Beltar

Massive concert in Beltar Rajesh Payal Rai, Melina Rai, Wilson Bikram RaiMeroKuraa Online 1st Magh 2075
On the auspicious occasion of Yale Dong 5077, a grand musical program has been held in Beltar of Udayapur in the eastern part of Nepal. The program was hosted by Trump Sher Rai along with renowned Nepali megastar Rajesh Payal Rai, comedy king Wilson Bikram Rai, playback singer Rani Melina Rai, new singer Rajesh Puma Rai and local singer Sandeep Mote, Local band White Soul, Kal Ratri, and local artists also performed. at Magh 1st 2075.

Dil Sher Rai, President of Bargachhi Guys, says that this event organized by Bargachhi Guys is very polite and splendid.Hem Raj Rai, executive officer of Mahad Manpower Pvt. Ltd., who is watching the program, said that the program was as good as expected.
The program was very enjoyable in the presence of prominent people of the district, local social workers, and intellectuals and again, the performers took leave of the stage, promising to come again.
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