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How to earn money online ?

earn money online
With the recent outbreak of the coronavirus, the number of users of 'work from home', has increased. Many kinds of work can be done through the internet in one corner of the world and in another. This is called IT outsourcing, online freelancing, and offshore development. Lately, various IT companies have been freelancing online, and the IT team has also been doing outsourcing work.

From Nepal's point of view, most of the IT-educated people are engaged in outsourcing, but if we look at the developed countries as well as neighboring countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, those who have taken IT education, as well as other educated people, have done a lot of work online. Anyone who is a housewife or self-employed peoples by taking some practical knowledge about freelancing according to their affinity can make a good income by working online using their leisure time.

What work can be done online?

Many things can be done online from home. such as Graphics designing, online support, digital media planning, image clipping, image processing, voice recording, Ghostwriting, translating English to Nepali, business plans, thesis typing, online live chat agent of any organization, Converting from voice to text, video animation, designing logos, visiting cards, designing through AutoCAD, designing interiors, creating banners, creating content for websites, designing covers of any product, making products banners and posting on Facebook, Instagram any social media platform, Or create biodata, etc. You can earn money online by teaching some lessons online.

Where to take the freelancing course? 

Freelancing Online courses can be taken through Coursera, Udemi, Udacity, Codecademy, Skillshare, etc. Websites like YouTube have a lot of easy-to-learn videos. You can also learn through references, guidebooks, ebooks, tutorials, etc. that are available online. You can also get a certificate by identifying your needs and working. Google has been offering certificates to its various programs for free through online exams, which must be renewed every year.

Where to find freelancing work online?

Free work can be done through websites like Freelancer, Fiverr, Upwork, simply Hired, 99Designs, Guru, Toptal, Crowded, PopularPerHour, Design Crowd, Aquent, Flexjobs, Nexxt, The Creative Group, etc. Some of the work that can be done online can be done on an hourly basis or on a project basis.

How to get paid?

Payments for work done online can be brought to your online payment account through various online payment gateways such as PayPal, Skrill,, and Stripe. Also, such freelancing websites in cooperation with companies like Payoneer, etc. send their customized cards to any corner of the world through couriers after crossing some income or level. Freelancers have not come to Nepal legally but still, you can work as a freelancer. PayPal, an online payment company, was founded in 1998 and has more than 325 million active customers worldwide in the first quarter of 2020.