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Nominations Last Date for ICT Award 2020

Merokuraa online July 2020
          The online nomination of ICT Award 2020, which has been given to individuals and organizations who have done remarkable work in the field of information technology, has started at 22 June 2020 and 31st July 2020 is the last date for nomination.

        The grand finale of the award, which is held on August 17 every year, will be delayed due to the impact of the corona and the epidemic, said award coordinator Rajan Lamsal. He said that the final date of the award will be announced after the online application deadline.
        The awards to be organized this year will be given in 11 different categories. According to Lamsal, 'Innovation in Crisis Response' and 'Woman Icon' have been added this year.

        The ICT Awards titled 'Startup', 'Product', and 'Rising Student' will be given by evaluating 'Startup', Product and Innovation. Similarly, the awards titled 'Pioneer', 'Nepali Diaspora', 'Entrepreneur', and 'Media Person' are given to the active and contributing people in the field of information technology. The 'Digital Governance' government institution and the 'Digital Education' ICT award will be given to a community educational institution. The ICT Awards, which started in 2016, have so far honored more than 30 individuals, organizations, companies, and products in various categories.

        This year, 12 jury members and more than 10 jury advisory members will work to make the selection process for the award systematic and easy. The selection process will take place at different stages. Online and SMS voting will also be conducted by selecting the best 5 from different stages in a startup, product, student project, and innovation, while in other genres, the jury group will conduct the selection process in different stages. Lamsal said there were plans to focus on making the selection process more technology-friendly this year due to the Corona crisis.