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05 August 2020

Screen Sharing Feature in Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Mero Kuraa Online Aug 2020
               There are millions of people who use the popular social media platform Facebook and facebook's messenger service every day. With over 2.6 billion monthly active users as of the first quarter of 2020, Facebook is the biggest social network worldwide. Facebook is constantly bringing new updates for the users. And, recently Facebook has added a new feature on its messenger app. The screen sharing feature has now been added to Facebook Messenger.

                According to Facebook, the Messenger app will have screen sharing options for Android and iOS users. Until now, this feature was only available in the web version of Messenger, which has now been rolled out to the app version. This feature will also be available in Facebook's video conferencing service 'Messenger Rooms'. It is expected that Messenger Rooms will be able to compete with Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

            Due to the Coronavirus epidemic, the increasing use of virtual meetings, including video conferencing, has become a necessity for screen sharing features on such digital platforms. From sharing an official presentation, screen sharing is also required for teachers during a video or virtual reading. With the help of the new feature, users will now be able to share their phone screen with anyone in Messenger. This feature will be available to all users with the latest update.


                This new feature in the Messenger app can be used for one-to-one video calls as well as group video calling of up to eight people. For this, the user has to login to the Messenger app and open the app and make a video call. As soon as the call is added, an option called Share Your Screen will appear in the tab at the bottom of the screen. After tapping on it, the Messenger user connected to the video call will see the screen of your smartphone.

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