How To Protect a Child? - Mero Kuraa


How To Protect a Child?

            Nowadays, crimes against children are being risen. Children understand only love. Their mental capacity has not been developed to determine other good/bad intentions. even the behavior of the wrong person can make them feel loved. To prevent this, children need some training, which parents can easily teach at home.

Stay away from strangers

            We can teach our children that, they should not be close to anyone other than the person which Family members introduced, should not stay together with strangers, should not eat food given by strangers.

Friends of the same age

            Develop the habit of playing with the same age as possible. Avoid mixing with older people as much as possible.

Good touch, bad touch

            Teach children about touch in a language they understand. Remind the difference between The touch or behavior done by parents and the Strangers. It is normal for parents and family members to hug, hug, and kiss on the cheek, but this behavior can be bad for strangers and general acquaintances. They should be informed of childhood differences about the bad touch and good touch.

Where did you go, what did you do?

            Try to have some normal conversation When young children go to school or return home from other places when they go home, what happened today, who they talked to, who said what, they will reply easily. Even in school, you have to ask who likes it, who doesn't like it, why it feels good, why it feels bad. If someone has misbehaved, it can be found in time.

Never Give Misconception about Police

            In some societies there is a habit, mostly we give some misconceptions about police to children. As a result, children will afraid to talk with the police. In some cases, if police are needed children will not want to go nearby them and ask for help.