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Apple Iphone Price in Nepal March 2024 (Updated)

Apple Iphone Price in Nepal March 2024

Apple Inc.: Pioneering Technological Innovation with the iPhone

        Apple Inc. stands as a global powerhouse in the realm of technology, renowned for its groundbreaking contributions to consumer electronics, software development, and online services. Among its flagship products, the iPhone reigns supreme, having revolutionized the smartphone landscape since its inception.

        With its sleek design, intuitive user interface, and seamless integration with other Apple devices and software, the iPhone has captivated users worldwide. Its unparalleled performance, coupled with an extensive ecosystem of apps and services, has cemented its status as an iconic symbol of innovation and luxury.

           Despite fluctuating market prices, Apple's stronghold remains firm, attracting consumers with its promise of quality and reliability. While online sales continue to burgeon globally, offline retail remains dominant in regions like Nepal, where traditional purchasing habits prevail. However, with the burgeoning internet usage in Nepal, the prospect of online shopping gaining traction in the future cannot be discounted.

            As Apple continues to push the boundaries of technological advancement, its iPhone lineup continues to set the standard for excellence in the smartphone industry. With each iteration, Apple reaffirms its commitment to innovation, ensuring that the iPhone remains at the forefront of consumer technology for years to come.

Apple Mobiles Price in Nepal, March 2024 ( Click on Model to see Specification
Apple iPhone Model Price in Nepal (MRP)
iPhone 11 (128GB) Rs.75,900
iPhone 12 Series
iPhone 12 (128GB) Rs.85,100
iPhone 13 Series
iPhone 13 (128GB) Rs.95,000
iPhone 14 Series
iPhone 14 (128GB) Rs.1,14,000
iPhone 15 Series (NEW)
iPhone 15 (128GB) NPR.1,35,200
iPhone 15 (256GB) NPR.1,54,200
iPhone 15 (512GB) NPR.1,91,900
iPhone 15 Plus (128GB) NPR.1,54,200
iPhone 15 Plus (256GB) NPR.1,73,000
iPhone 15 Plus (512GB) NPR.2,10,800
iPhone 15 Pro (128GB) NPR.1,76,500
iPhone 15 Pro (256GB) NPR.1,95,400
iPhone 15 Pro (512GB) NPR.2,33,200
iPhone 15 Pro (1TB) NPR.2,70,900
iPhone 15 Pro Max (256GB) NPR.2,14,300
iPhone 15 Pro Max (512GB) NPR.2,52,100
iPhone 15 Pro Max (1TB) NPR.2,89,900