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Crisis Alert: Facebook and Instagram Experience Global Outage

Crisis Alert: Facebook and Instagram Experience Global Outage, Users Unable to Login

            Facebook and Instagram, two of Meta's leading social media platforms, are currently grappling with a global outage, leaving users unable to access their accounts or engage with the platforms seamlessly.

            The widespread disruption has affected tens of thousands of users, with reports flooding in of encountering frustrating "failure to load" error messages on both Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, related apps connected to Meta's network are also experiencing disruptions, exacerbating the issue for users.
            As of 10:13 a.m., DownDetector, a service monitoring internet outages, has recorded over 44,000 users affected by the outage, indicating the scale of the problem. Consequently, efforts have been made to reach out to Meta for official updates on the situation.

            Meta-owned platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Threads, are experiencing technical difficulties, rendering them inaccessible for many users. Issues range from login problems to feed refresh failures, making it challenging for users to engage with the platforms as usual.
            Users are reporting being unexpectedly logged out of their Facebook accounts, encountering obstacles when attempting to log back in. Similarly, Instagram users are facing difficulties refreshing their feeds, resulting in stories and comments failing to load for some individuals. Threads, another app under Meta's umbrella, is also affected, displaying error messages upon launch.

            Complaints on DownDetector have surged rapidly for all three platforms since the onset of the issue, indicating the widespread nature of the problem. Despite user outcry, Meta has yet to formally acknowledge the situation or provide any official response.