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TVS Bikes Price in Nepal - March 2024

TVS Bikes Price in Nepal - March 2024

Jagdamba Motors Pvt. Ltd., the authorized distributor of TVS Motor Company in Nepal since September 2015, operates under the esteemed Shanker Group, established in 1979. TVS, India's third-largest two-wheeler manufacturer, offers a diverse range of motorcycles and scooters, with its TVS RTR model leading in Nepal.
With 115 dealerships nationwide, including four exclusive showrooms in Kathmandu, and 35 service points, Jagdamba Motors ensures widespread availability and exceptional customer support.

TVS Bikes Price List
Here is the quick list of the TVS Bikes available in Nepal with their respective prices for the year March 2024.

Motorcycle Model Price (March 2024)
RTR 200 4V RTFI BS6 NRs. 4,24,900
RTR 200 4V ABS NRs. 3,91,900
RTR 160 4V Refresh with ABS NRs. 3,59,900
RTR 160 4V Refresh RD NRs. 3,29,900
RTR 160 4V Refresh FD NRs. 3,20,900
RTR 160 4V RD NRs. 2,90,900
RTR 160 2V FD NRs. 2,99,900
RTR 160 4V RTFI BS6 NRs. 3,96,900
Tvs Raider NRs. 2,66,900
Apache RTR 160 4V SE NRs. 3,74,900
Tvs Ronin NRs. 4,49,900
RR 310 NRs. 7,99,900
Radeon NRs. 2,03,900
XI 100 NRs. 1,51,900
Tvs Stryker 125 Refresh NRs. 2,33,900

i.e.: The price lists are taken from the official website price changes may occur.