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Apple Mobiles Price in Nepal 2020

Mero Kuraa Online Aug 2020
            Apple Inc. is a multinational technology company that sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services. It is considered one of the Big Tech technology company. Apple’s iPhone line of devices has dominated the international smartphone market. People always preferred these devices for their ease to use, seamless compatibility with other Apple products as well as their software support.

(i.e: The price of the mobile shown is the market price until we prepare this material. Prices are fluctuating in the real market, we will try our best to keep the last market price. Still, in Nepal, there is no habit of buying online, so buying at a store can make a difference in price. However, offline sales still rule with over 94% market But, Looking at the growing use of the internet in Nepal, it cannot be said that the habit of shopping online will not develop in the future.)

Apple Mobiles Price in Nepal, August 2020

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Apple MobilesPrice in Nepal (NRs.)
iPhone 11 Pro Max 512gbNRs. 227000
IPhone 11 Pro Max 256 GB NRs.1,96,000
iPhone 11 Pro Max 64GB NRs.1,70,000
IPhone 11 Pro 512 GB NRs.2,12,000
iPhone 11 Pro 256 GB NRs.1,80,000
iPhone 11 Pro 64GB NRs.1,57,000
IPhone 11 256 GB NRs.1,34,000
iPhone 11 128 GB NRs.1,18,000
iPhone 11 64GB NRs.1,10,000
IPhone XS Max 256 GB NRs.1,75,000
iPhone XS Max 64GB NRs.1,59,000
iPhone XS 256 GB NRs.1,59,000
iPhone XS 64 GB NRs.1,48,000
iPhone XR 128 GB NRs.1,12,000
iPhone XR 64 GB NRs.1,02,000
IPhone X 256 GB NRs.1,35,000
iPhone X 64GB NRs.1,25,000
IPhone 8 64GB NRs.85,000
iPhone SE 256 GB NRs.99,000
IPhone SE 128 GB NRs.82,000
iPhone SE 64GB NRs.73,000
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